Copenhagen Malmö Port AB (CMP) is one of Scandinavia’s largest port operators, with terminals in Copenhagen and Malmö. Copenhagen is a large port of imports for cargo to the capital area and the rest of Zealand. Malmö is more of a transit port, where cargo is reloaded onto ship, train or lorry for onward transport to final destinations in the Baltic region. 

A full service port – provides an overall solution
CMP is a full-service port. This means that we receive all types of freight and have a tailor-made infrastructure for all types of ships, for example, RoRo and container services, car imports and liquid and dry bulk. The full service capacity means that we handle everything from consumer goods, petroleum products, chemicals and grain to scrap metal, building materials, wood pellets and raw materials for industry. At the same time, the fact that we work with so many types of goods makes CMP less sensitive to economic fluctuations.

Via Copenhagen – which is Northern Europe’s leading cruise destination – CMP has extensive cruise traffic. During 2018 this operation is going to be further expanded via the cruise terminal that has been opened in Visby. In addition, there is a ferry service out of Copenhagen with regular passenger traffic to Oslo as well as one from Malmö to Travemünde. 

Core Port – facilitates investments
The EU has designated CMP’s terminals in Copenhagen and Malmö as Core Ports. This means that the facilities are of particular importance in the initiatives that are made in the future to improve the transport network in Europe. It is easier for a Core Port to obtain EU support for investments, for example, for interlinking rail and road communications or other initiatives that increase the freight capacity. 

A logistics hub – intermodal solutions
We occupy a strategic location in the Sound between Sweden and Denmark. This has made CMP a logistics hub for companies which handle freight with a final destination in Scandinavia and other countries in the Baltic region. We offer intermodal logistics solutions for these customers, where freight is simply loaded between sea, road and rail. 

As a logistics hub, new opportunities are continually emerging as more companies endeavour to concentrate their distribution in regional hubs. For those port companies that have a strategic location and offer a broad service, this can entail increased growth. CMP is further benefitted by the fact that we have access to new areas of land in connection with the terminals in Copenhagen and Malmö. Either new establishments can be made in these areas or existing customers can expand their operations. 

Net sales, MSEK715763762812839
Net profit, MSEK8990304826
Total cargo volumes, million of tonnes14.414.515.015.715.5

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