Pia From Jeppesen, CHRO Human Resources


What were you most pleased with in 2017?
We delivered a training course for around 50 managers and specialists which produced a fantastic response. The focus included the importance of coaching, delegating and giving feedback. The vast majority of the managers are very pleased with the tools they have obtained. What is especially positive is that this has paved the way for an organisational development, which the managers have implemented through applying the new tools.

We have a major focus on digitalisation of processes. Among other things, an app was launched during the year for reporting of incidents related to the working environment. It makes the initiatives in relation to the working environment objectives more effective, with one of our most important being zero occupational injuries. 

The work to create more transparency and participation is proceeding. In this context I would like to emphasise the collaboration that takes place in Task Force – a group of employees from different parts of the company. We work on suggestions for improvement based on the results from our quarterly employee survey. One of the group’s initiatives is that we should produce another app in 2018, which will enable employees to complete the survey on their mobile phones. It will thus be simpler and more efficient to answer the questions, which will hopefully increase the employees’ satisfaction and response frequency. A higher response frequency will give us a more correct picture of the employees’ satisfaction and thereby make it easier to implement the right improvements. 

How does human resources contribute to developing CMP? 
Human Resources strengthens the business and makes CMP more competitive – now and in the future. We further develop managers so that they can in turn develop their staff. We do this by focusing on competence, changed work processes and other aids. We participate in recruitment and ensure that CMP has the right employees who meet the requirements placed on the company. In addition, we contribute to employee development via communication and by involving the employees in the business, via Task Force among other things.

CMP has a major focus on values – why? 
If you are secure in the values, you don’t need to think too much about which decisions should be taken, but can follow the guidelines, which is what the values fundamentally are. It is consequently important that everybody is aware of the values and can make the right decision. It makes us a more effective business. 

Which tools are most important?
One of the most important tools is M/S Progress, which is our tool for management by objectives and communication. During 2017 we conducted a strategy review which laid the basis for new thinking surrounding overall objectives in M/S Progress. Based on these objectives, we have implemented workshops in the company, where objectives have been formulated for each department. As a continuation, we will focus to a greater degree on individual objectives. This will give us a thread, with overall company objectives, objectives for each department and individual tools for the managers in relation to objectives linked in a joint process. Working with clear objectives makes the business more effective and increases the employees’ satisfaction. 

What is in focus 2018?
We will be stimulating interest in reporting incidents related to the working environment. The aim is to increase the number of reports in 2018. The number of reports is important. They increase safety consciousness and contribute to us being able to reach the target of zero work-related injuries. 

A recertification to the new ISO standard, a significant aid, will be implemented as early as the spring. ISO will streamline the improvement measures. It contributes to making the business more efficient and to CMP obtaining a stamp of quality in relation to customers and external stakeholders.

We will also be working on the objectives in M/S Progress and with individual objectives for managers. I would also, once again, like to highlight the app for the employee survey, which we anticipate will be launched during the autumn. It will be possible to use the app for other types of communication, for example, to draw attention to a specific issue or to highlight a colleague who has performed well. Images and films can also make the communication exciting and creative.

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