Five Year Overview

Net sales, MSEK715763762812839
Profit after financial items, MSEK8990303157
Net profit, MSEK8990304826
Equity (adjusted), MSEK41341616499151
Balance sheet total, MSEK5496326361,0381,141
Net margin, %1212447
Solidity, %7666261013
Profit equity ratio, %2222102445
Net sales per employee, TSEK1,7881,9872,0272,1542,419
Number of employees400384376377347
Return on Operating Capital, %2732201918

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2013 and 2014 figures: As of January 1, 2014, the company applies BFNAR 2012: 1 Annual Report and Consolidated Financial Statements ("K3"). The comparative year 2013 has been recalculated in accordance with K3. Recalculation of previous years has not occurred. Correction of error: In the multiannual review, amounts are reported as an effect of correction of errors by retroactive application. The amounts for 2013-2014 have not been recalculated.

Profit equity ratio: Profit before Tax (PBT)/Average adjusted equity.