Barbara Scheel Agersnap, CEO


The port has always been characterised by trade and dynamics. We connect sea with shore and play an important role in our surrounding community. A well-run port generates jobs and attracts new businesses, tourism for example. This applies to both Copenhagen and Malmö, where both ports are full of activity. 

Currently, there is additional pressure on change in society and business. A new reality is emerging. The port industry is about to undergo structural changes, as a result of technological developments, and because the industries of which the port is a part are changing. Innovation is steadily gaining ground and, along with digitalisation, it is one of the major topics on the agenda when we meet customers and other stakeholders. 

Almost 90% of all the world’s freight is transported by sea. Therefore,the port industry must accommodate and implement new trends. All freight is a part of overall industrial value chain. However, despite all the market changes, the port environment is also a place that exudes tradition. At CMP the new and the old are not each other’s opposites, but rather indispensable prerequisites for transformation. 

Over the years, we have developed a solid understanding of the port as a meeting point, a hub and a workplace. We are utilising both our experience and new skills to set ambitious goals for the future. 

In the new reality, I am convinced that port operations will be even more about partnerships. We are, and will continue to be, involved in partnerships, because the best solutions are most frequently created in interaction between several partners. New business models are surfacing, to the benefit of both the port, our customers and the surrounding community. At CMP we are welcoming these changes.

The core and the pride remain unchanged. As well as our ambitions.

Every day brings operational and logistical challenges which have to be duly handled. Our success in this is particularly down to the human factor. At CMP, ambitions and cooperation go hand in hand with a natural respect.

A business area undergoing significant development is the cruise industry. With over 960,000 passengers expected in 2018, CMP will break our own record again this year. 

Cruise passengers are demanding unique experiences and service at a high international level. In this context, CMP has sent a clear signal with our decision to invest in a new cruise terminal in Copenhagen, which will be completed in a couple of years. In addition, we have started operations at the new cruise quay in Visby, on Gotland. This makes the cruise routes in the Baltic even more attractive, and we are delighted to be involved in developing Gotland as a cruise destination.

CMP is thus establishing the basis for further cruise tourism in Scandinavia and simultaneously developing Copenhagen’s position as Northern Europe’s leading cruise destination.

We are ambitious about our future. We view change and development as two sides of the same process: As a necessary and continuous transaction in order for CMP to maintain and develop its position as a leading player in the Nordic region.


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Net sales per employee, TSEK1,7881,9872,0272,1542,419