As the sun rises on the shores of Malmö, we are here, ready to welcome you on solid ground. As it sets behind the skyline of Copenhagen, we are still here. We’re the first to greet you when land is in sight and the last to see you safely off to sea again.

We are CMP. More than 400 Swedish and Danish team players with salt water running through our veins and with proud souls because we make a difference every day. To the community and to the wheels that keep society going. And to the Denmark and Sweden of today, we stand united in developing.

We are CMP. We connect sea with shore and create growth and prosperity for all. It takes will power and strength in every woman and man. And this we have. That is why we work at the docks. From hardhat to laptop. From strong arms and an eye for details, to quick-witted minds who see a bigger picture and who understand what it takes to find a safe haven in modern times. Together we have the courage to find new ways and to do whatever it takes to solve the task, securing the path to the future. We strive to improve – every day. With outmost respect for both society and environment.

We are CMP. The gateway to the Baltics and the Baltic Sea. The doorway to Denmark and Sweden. So, set sail with us. We know where you’re coming from and where you are going. And we will make sure that you get there – safe and on time.

We do that better than most. In a healthy work environment, together we ensure the shortest distance between dock and office.

Always greeting you with a smile and a firm handshake, when you dock in Copenhagen or Malmö.